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Shape tomorrow’s customer experience at the new ALDI Tech Hub in Kraków!

Be part of a new start, design IT products and processes from the beginning and really make a difference – are you ready to take an internationally successful retailer to the next tech level? You probably have been to an ALDI store before. But did you know that behind the ALDI Nord Group are 91,000 ALDI employees in 8 countries and around 5,400 stores, providing for millions of customers? As the inventor of discount retailing, our mission is to make shopping as easy as possible. In addition to powerful IT infrastructure for our stores, warehouses and offices, we are working on innovative technologies that will make shopping even easier in the future.

ALDI Tech Hub


As part of the ALDI Nord Group, you will be shaping the future of discount retailing. Our mission at the ALDI Tech Hub is to create the customer experience of tomorrow by implementing advanced technology solutions. Are you ready to take on this new challenge?



BI Analytics & Data Science

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Artificial intelligence in ALDI stores

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Bots & Automation

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Working at ALDI Tech Hub

About ALDI Tech Hub

To drive the digitisation course of the ALDI Nord Group forward, the ALDI Tech Hub in Kraków offers you an inspiring and secure working environment where you can realise impactful projects.  


Drive progress at the ALDI Tech Hub! Whether you are a Developer, BI Analyst, Consultant or Project Manager – we are looking for experts in their fields who are enthusiastic about their subjects and curious to shape the digital future with us.

Code our new core! As a Software Developer or Tester at ALDI Tech Hub, you work on the development of digital tools and applications that will soon be used by thousands of colleagues and millions of customers. You will...

  • be responsible for project-based developments or testing of complex solutions,
  • advise project teams and the entire organisation on technical issues,
  • support the technical conception or quality testing of new developments,
  • communicate development progress to the project team and the product owner.

Be in a constant state of flux! At the ALDI Tech Hub, you are part of a team that drives change. Take responsibility and transform potential into success. You will…

  • elect suitable ways of working and methodologies from agile framework and contributes to the continuous improvement of agile framework,
  • partner with Product Owner to ensure that business and user needs are understood and effectively described and prioritized,
  • lead and coach the Product Teams in agile working adoption and ensures that team understands agile methods, principles, and values,
  • report the progress, for example using burn down (single sprint)/ burn up (multiple sprints) charts of user stories or any other unit of progress.

Build something big! As an BI Analyst at the ALDI Tech Hub, you unlock unique potential and pave the way to our vision of a truly data-driven group of companies. You will...

  • expand and develop analytical tools and methods, focusing on the requirements of the business units,
  • analyse and link various data sources and manage large volumes of data,
  • identify the most suitable algorithms for solving specific problems,
  • document models and KPIs in modern frameworks,
  • work in cross-functional project teams.


Be heard, drive change! At the ALDI Tech Hub, your expertise meets creative freedom. Work with stakeholders from different departments  and achieve results with impact. You will...

  • be involved in IT projects and consult project teams and stakeholders on specific hardware and software requirements and issues,
  • create and define solution concepts as well as visualise and analyse requirements,
  • manage technology partners of the entire IT ecosystem.


Do what you love! At the ALDI Tech Hub, you'll see your ideas take shape. You are responsible for bringing digital services into the heart of our group of companies and into the lives of millions of customers. You will...

  • be responsible for a product end-to-end and ensure its qualitative implementation in collaboration with the project team,
  • provide transparent communication within the agile project team and with relevant stakeholders,
  • discuss technical requests and solutions with internal colleagues,
  • ensure a good collaboration with other product owners.


IT employee

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